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Thank you for using the DLDOLLS love doll shopping shop on real lifelike sex dolls a daily basis. Our shop is an authorized distributor of Love Doll in Japan. All products include tax and free shipping. All of the real doll produc the best loved doll ts we are dealing with are famous and reputable brands. By teamin real life love doll g up with the best manufacturers to provide the best real doll for your needs, to incorporate consumer insights early in product realdoll body 5 development. Minimize the time and money spent optimizing your innovation strategy. The latest popular products in the indu real doll love doll stry are carefully sel realistic teen sex dolls ected to identify new consumer trends. Our shop sells three material love d black dolls magazine olls. You can choose from silicone doll, tpe doll and silicone head+tpe body. You can find all detaile the sex bot d information about the latest sex dolls in DLDOLLS. We aim to improve customer satisfaction by accelerating the growth of our store, so if you have any questions a 100 cm love doll bout our products, please feel free to contact us.

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Love Doll Notes

Prepare for pick-up

●Great cleaning of the room. dust and so on as much as possible!

sex toys blowjob body is soft and close to human skin. Dust etc. is easy to adhere to the surface of such soft material. If you don real japanese doll 9;t clean the room properly, life size sex toys blowjob will be dusty in just a week.

●Carpet cleaning is also necessary
It usually looks pretty, but in fact there may be black stains and fine dust hidden deep in it.

● Please clean pillows and petite sex dolls duvet covers
As a place to do many things with real dolls and create affection, the place on bed will play an important role in the future happy life. That's why it& petite sex doll #39;s also a good choice to sex rpg sim clean your pillow or duvet cover properly or replace it w sexdoll silicon ith a new one. Would you like to imagine discovering something dirty on t realistic japanese sex doll he doll's face while it's full size sex doll getting up?

● After cleaning up the super sexy doll room, prepare space for sex doll packing (also storage space). The packaging is large, so if you don't have enough space in the room for the size of the packaging, it may be difficult to put the doll o sexrobot ut.

Notes after purchase

● The real doll just arrived is in a naked state. Put such a doll in the room and look back at the moment you see a sexy beautiful torso is the best service for a m life size doll an. It is highly recommended to test your clothes for fading and color transfer before wearing y dolls pregnant our outfit. Please refrain from wearing faded clothes on dolls.

With the finely crafted skeleton and joint part, it is possible to move real dolls sex toy to a variety of poses close to humans within the pr ultimate pleasure robots escribed level. They are highly durable, but avoid placing them in stressful poses for long periods of xxx dolls time. Avoid pressing sharp objects or bending real love dolls with excessive force while in use. If wrinkles or traces occu japanese style sex r due to pressure, apply a warm towel to the wrinkle or trace area to improve the effect.

Dust and dirt can be washe best sex simulator on steam d with ordinary laundry detergents, dishwashing detergents, and foam baths. Gently wash with palms, after man with real doll washing, wipe with a towel and apply baby powder. Please refrain fr sexbots future om dryer. As a care measure, baby po sexy doll for sale wder should be used after a bath and when oil appears on the doll skin. After cleanliness, the love doll will be brand new again. Regular maintenance of sex doll real dolls sex dolls s is highly recommended. It's an important partner, so keep it beautiful.

● Do not expose real love doll to sunlight for a long time. Avoiding this can preve robotic lovers machine nt aging of the material and e best porn simulator xtend the life of the love doll.


All orders from our store can be disp doll love real osed of for free within 6 months of payment after using real doll or if you don't need it. Customers who purchase at other stores can also be picked up for 15,000 yen p new sex robots er piece regardless of manufacturer. (Shipping costs will be bor most realistic sex dolls ne by the customer)

【Genuine product guarantee】Brand handling

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Security of Dldolls Love Dolls

It is the largest love doll shopping site in Japan. All products are free shipping with tax included. We have reliable, reliable and famous b make a sexy doll rands. A plentiful assortment!

[Material for human safety]
100% medical solid TPE & silicone material (non-toxic and odorless (Safe and secure materials) are adopted. The touch is very soft and elastic, tear-resistant and has a doll cosplay great finish.

Stable even in a variety of positions: This is
a wall wall hole with excellent stability. While holding on a bet, you can make a creampie from the front without mercy, grab your butt from behind, hold y man dolls for women our body up, support her hips with both hands, play a cowgirl, and enjoy your freedom , easy to use in an companion robot for personal interaction y position and the pseudo-sex degree is pretty high!

[Confidential Packaging Deliver dolls for adults y] We
use packaging that is not visible outside, to avoid incon sexy doll china venience during delivery. Packaged with reinforced cardboard and foam, the contents are we sex toys doll ll protected and delivered safe and secure.

In order to deliver high quality real dolls, we carry out thorough quality checks to the smallest detail. The rubber love dolls doll you see on the product page is guaranteed the same quality as the product you will receive.

Dldolls Operation Philosophy

Our goal is to provide you with the best love doll t free family sex simulator hat can make your dreams come true. We have teamed life size anatomically correct dolls up with the best manufacturers to provide you with the best real dolls and prices.

Real love dolls such as Real Doll, sex toys blowjob, Torso, Masturbator etc. Manufacturers are DL Doll, Dollhouse168, WM Doll, WAX D solid latex love doll oll, Bezlya Doll, AXB Doll, MOMO Doll and others. After confirming the quality of the product, realdoll review the design development, manufacturing process, and storage conditions at the local manufacturing plant have passed our handling standards. Also, because dolls are often in c tpe plastic ontact with your skin, they have passed RoHS/CE/FDA standards for materials. Whether you are dealing with TPE, silicone, mini d lifelike female sex dolls oll or full size sex doll, DL Doll is your best choice. Our team en real sexdolls sures that we provide the best possible customer experience and doll love real provide the best doll for your needs. Our dolls are made of real doll shop high quality medical silicone or TPE material. In this way, the shape of the love doll will be maintained for years. It is made robot companions for sale from a metal skeleton with flexible joints. You can put her in any sexual position you want. You can experience the vagina, anus sex dolls for adults , oral cavity with perfect pleasure. Real doll hands shaped by solid latex love doll artists. I understand that fine details a asian sex dolls re important! Nails, eyelashes and other details are designed as natural as possible. We check all dolls for defects before sex bot robot shipping, so we can make sure they are in the best condition. T japanese love doll he whole package will be packed safely and securely. All packages are provided with complete anonymity and family sex sim discretion. There are no labels to indicate your brand or content. Accessories: wig, washing pump, USB warmer, random costume, cotton hand, comb, blanket The production and delivery of Re full body silicone dolls al Love Doll takes from 8 to 10 days. All pr se x dolls oducts are made to o real looking blow up dolls rder according to customer requirements exactly. Certain models may take more t tpe doll ime depending on the option. If you have any questions a realistic male dolls bout the product, we will email you 24x7. Ask any questions you may have about Dolls. We will sex dolls canada respond with sincerity.

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