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Aotume Doll (53)

135cm aa-cup 135cm G cup 145cm B cup 145cm D cup 155cm F cup 155cm H cup

Aotume Doll specializes in the production of love dolls anime Brand, choose cute anime-style love dolls as well as love dolls for yourself You can also customize. Please rest assured that all materials are very high quality materials. You can get along with cute Dutch Wiff anime.

Aotume Doll is a life-size just like the love doll anime character It's amazing when you get 1 sex doll! It is a cute loli anime face love doll brand that mimics anime characters, just as you can see in the photo without eye clutter and unnatural deformation I felt that it was a natural finish as if the figure was bi used real doll sale gger, the mouth was mostly modest and cute mouth was silicone sex drawn, there was no sign of falling even if you rub it lightly with your fingers, so I think that there is no worry about dropping makeup for a while Well, eyes also have sex doll test a lot of shapes, makeup is pretty pretty and cute, it's anime cute love doll, but it's pretty big breasts, the feeling of being able to be inserted in your mouth while enjoying bus life like love doll t beauty big breasts Exactly exceptional! Dare to wear a blouse on top of a bra, erotic cute! I'm excited, big breasts fetish is a sex toys blowjob that I don't want you to miss! The calm ex dolls korea pression is also attractive, and there is even a healing atmosphere that make vibrating sex dolls s you want to talk about anything after you get tired and come home.

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