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Bezlya Welcome to his g love doll videos ood love doll distributor dlDolls!!

Bezlya, the granter of souls, his good is a well-known adult product brand for research and production o hi tech sex dolls f love dolls. As one of the world's leading silicone & TPE real doll manufacturers, it has 84 types of head carvings and 21 real life size sex doll shapes, and is a pioneer of practicality, imitation and literary creativity.

There are two types of 2.0 type silicone head+tpe body and 2.1 type full silicone. It is a work of art that realdoll artificial intelligence focuses on the modeling little real doll of details such as skin texture, color, and expression of blood vessels that can be seen through the whole body. We creat real doll co ed an innovation that repeats common sense of the love doll industry.

It is also characterized by trend technology (light weight, phalanskeleton, mouth movable). The phalanx, weight reduction can be supported. The mouth is limited to Suzuran-chan 3d love dolls galleries .

What was surprised is Bezlya his good latest technology! The lat lifelike latex dolls est technology has been introduced. Bionic thermostat system that can reproduce the blood circulation of the hu high quality sex man body - the latest technology in the love doll industry! Pour water into the doll's body and heat it to give your partner the mo sex doll images st realistic body temperature. A warm body is the ultimate pursuit of love doll lovers.

Customizations are also available. Eye color, wig, breast type etc. can be custom made to your liking! Would you not even want to date with your own lover?

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