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Dollhouse168 is a professional love doll manufacturer based in Taiwan, China and manufactures TPE dolls at factories in mainland China. 168 doll house started from a distributor of a real doll manufacturer in China and pursued aesthetic modeling in 2015, in order to guarantee quality, in our own factory Started full size adult doll manufacturing dh168 doll with ori bbw sex doll ginal design We faithfully and steadily implement the fundamentals of technological innovation, inheritance, and quality assurance by conducting molding true companion robot development/mold produ cheap real love dolls ction/material compounding/skeleton design production in the factory as an integral part of m real sex doll for sale anufacturing. Aiming to be a male goddess and at the same time continue to strive for the formulation of materials to achieve a realistic feel, and always research the structu japanese manga dolls re of the optimal skeleton to achieve more reali make your own celebrity doll stic poses We are here.

Dollhouse 168

dh168 has produced three outstanding love doll series over the last few years, taking love doll design and production to the next level I'm pushing it up. Its three series include the classic series, the EVO series, and the latest creation, the 2019 series. 2019 Serie flat chested love doll s: We created Japanese and anime sex dolls with designs based on customer feedback. Neck and head fittings-M16 (compatible with other brands). EVO Series: Innovative design with multiple design latex sex toys features inherent in this series and only this dsex doll series - push-fit head/neck, virgin full size love dolls doll options, wireless touch Sensor sound, an update of the build of the EVO skeleton allows a wide range of hip movements (not young love dolls compatible with other brands), including complete gusting and shrugging shoulders. Classic Series: The debut series featuring sleek classic design, perfect proport silicon sexdoll ions and incredible rea asian sex dolls lism. Neck & head fitting M16 (compatible with other brands). Can't find what you are looking for? Please contact our team. We have access to all of our doll ho advanced robots of today use 168 collection and we can source any realistic swx dolls dollhouse 168 dolls you like.

Love Doll brand associated with Dollhouse16 realistic male sex dolls 8 is seamless feature secdolls Piper Doll, Western model number Dollforever, and recently popular It is a beautiful anime anime of UP. Slowly lo realdoll vs ok for your favorite life-size doll with Dldolls

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