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SM Doll (20)

163cm SM doll new skeleton 36kg

SM DOLL is a good manufacturer in China luxury TPE love doll industry. TPE doll brand with high reputation for its high quality and reliable technology. That's why the TPE m japanese inflatable dolls aterial is soft and has no odor or bleed. In addition to the normal skeleton, you can choose an optional new skeleton (EVO skeleton) with a one-touch neck and wide range of motion. SM Doll is afford interactive sex simulator able We offer excellent quality all the time. SM Doll has a wide selection of products, including head, eyes, height, chest, sex hole, etc., not only has a human-like metal skeleton inside, and a variety of It can be transformed swx with doll according to the occasion of use, so you can enjoy a smooth and comfortable feel like a woman's skin. The vagina, mouth and anal are made with anime dolls buy human-like precision, so you can enjoy realistic tappuri pseudo-sex. Skin color, pubic hair, foot shape etc. can be customized to your li sex simulator chrome king, so it is a sex doll especially recommended f big booty sex dolls or those who are really minded. Each love doll has its own exquisite face, and each SM Doll product is carefully crafted. I am impressed by the c sex simulator tv harm of sex doll. The life-size doll you see is very funny. You can feel endless charm from the doll.

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