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60cm or less (2)

The love doll under 60 cm is a loli-shaped mini love doll. Rather than a lolidor, it is a fairy level small, small and easy to change posture, so you can use it from sexual treatment It is also a big realdoll body 2 point that it's easy to change clothes, but the chest is bulging on the buttocks while being small. In the middle of it is a pink bochy nipple! And some gentlemen are sxy doll handmade to fit clothes, but the style is pr tpe safe etty good! In addition, it is 65 cm and petite, and uses a dual-frame skeleton that is easy to move, china dolls to buy making it easy to change position and posture. And you can customize fr premium love doll om hairstyle to eye color, skin color, nipple and pubic color for free. If you want a Lolita doll or mini love doll that can do anything from dress up to otomo at night, check it out.
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