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An electric masturbator, as its name suggests, is an electrically powered masturbat silicone doll women or. Electric masturbation is omitted and is also called electric masturbation. Inside the body contains an inner hole made o real skin sex doll f soft materials such as silicone. Along with the sticking protrusions sex emulator 2 , you can add up and vagina doll down movement and rotation to stimulate the penis. The biggest feature of electric masturbati small chest sex doll on is useless You can get pleasure without feeling tired. I think there are different ways of masturbating, but you may be s doll manufacturers in china queezing and stimulating it in a variety of ways to get pleasure. With an electric masturbator, simply insert it to give you a variety of stimuli, eliminating the need for this wasted effort. Its celebrity sex dolls standards are piston, rotary, and vibrating. First of all, piston type This piston type stimulates by moving the insert cup up and down. You ca mechanical love doll n feel like you are doing a real insert, handjob or blowjob. The rotary electric masturbator stimulates the local area by rotating the cup on the insert side. You can experience the feeling of be real dolls love ing licked around the local or glans. The vibrating electric masturbator gives you pleasure by vibrati german love dolls ng the insert part. It does not move as big as piston or rotary type, so local stimulation is less. Recommended for those who want to feel the stimulus that the rotor or electric force is appl japanese manga dolls ied to the whole area.
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