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130cm Lolita Doll (3)

The 130 cm lolidor will miniature sexdoll be a very popular love doll. Thin li the love robots mbs with bulging breasts, bumpy tummy, buttocks, and so on I think you can enjoy real size sex doll it, coupled with the size designed to run small, makes it an irresistible feeling for those who love loli. In addition, the realistic feel of vertical was reprod hot sex dolls uced on the anal side as opposed to the boibo structure. Anyway, there's plenty of playstyles to enjoy, so even those who like unusual positions will definitely enj robot family member oy it. The weight and size were also easy to move, making it possible to change position much more smoothly than other Lorila dolls. Unintentionally Muramura has become max, push it down as it is and sex. The holes are tight and they are great tightening.
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