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140cm Lolita Doll (4)

Become an excellent eye, want to protect, cute little animal. This is a feature of 140cm Lolita Doll. These lovely love dolls are worth a look at the level of realistic softness that they w how real dolls are made ill drop if you don't put them flat! Hairstyle, ha cheap silicone doll ir color, eye color, skin color, nipple color, nail, and paste structure and color can be custom made to your liking! The height is small so it is quite easy to carry, and you can also enjoy taking silicone tpe pictures outside, etc. Lorilla doll face modeling is more cute, it feels like a lot of cute designs, glittering eyes Beautiful skin, exquisite modeling, face and tits are gay male sex doll also attractive, but whip from thighs and fleshy hips and pussy can also stir up libido, exquisite softness and elasticity, firm and durable is proud of, some people can buy it for viewing, change c robotic sex doll lothes or take pictures tpe safe . Anyway, you can enjoy plenty of play, so even those who like unusual positions will definitely enjoy it.
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