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148cm Lolita Doll (4)

148 cm short lolidor, exactly 18 years old developing Pichipichi body. The 148cm Loli doll has a well-groomed appearance that remains young. O new real doll f course, there are also beautiful girls, because our chibilori chan is made of good material, so that the skin is It realizes softness a real doll ai nd fine details of the human body. Love doll skeleton can realize comprehensive movement, whic real doll stock h simulates human body structure exactly like, can change posture relati vibrating sex dolls vely freely. Not only is it used for play, but also fun to take advantage of style, dress your fav how to make sex doll orite clothes and use it for photography. Soft to the touch, and the texture is quite realistic. 148 cm of short stature Lorila doll Although it is small, of course, the body has a skel sex dolly eton and joints are excellent ones that can move freely, depending on best affordable sex doll the type, hair style to eye color, skin Colors, nipple and pubic colors can be customized for free. If you are cute and sex bots cute, but you have to keep it up silicone dolls for women to the warmth of people, it doesn't have to be real realdoll action anymore.
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