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Silicone Doll (543)

Silicon love dolls are made up of silicon elements, basically silicon does not belong to plastic or ru chinese doll sexy bber at all.

How to process silicone dolls

Raw materials (platinum silica gel, liquid, two liquids A and B) are mixed and stirred, poured into the cavity, and the final form is formed by chemical reaction real men doll at room temperature.

1. Flexibility
In the old days, when it was a material that is flexible, it is still TPE. However, with years of development, silicon has greatly increased its flexibility and can be said to be “more flexible free online family sex than TPE”.
2. Pull rate
The pull rate is how many times the material can be extended from its original length. If the pull rate is 10 time real doll from china s, that is, if you can stretch a 1cm TPE to 10cm, it will break. Today's silicon has been improved so far, and the pull rate has increased.
3. Resistant to tearing
Unlike “tearing” and “breaking”, this “resistance to tear” refers a cup love doll to resistance to external damage caused by sharp or dull objects. Silicon is weak in this resistance, which is also a caveat. Be careful not to tear it into sharp or dull objects. sexy anime dolls
4. Smell
The silicone material itself is seen to have no smell. Silicone dolls also do not heat up in processing, so they do silicon sexdoll not produce a smell. If anything, silicone love dolls do not smell.
5. Aging rate
Silicone does not age better than TPE in nature. This is the merit of silicon itself. If you say, silicon dolls will also have a slow aging rate.
6. Ability to express details
The processing of details determines the quality of the love doll. What determines the details? density. The density of silicon life size doll for men is higher than TPE, so it can be said that the detail and quality are excellent.
7. Ease of makeup
Compared with T.P.E doll, silicone sex doll has a high adhesion of makeup, wh posable sex doll ich can show the doll japanese real doll 's face and body makeup richness and realism b sexy real sex dolls etter.
8. Resistant to deformation
Silicone real doll is also better than TPE doll in this regard. For example, if both are slightly deformed, then the silicone doll is more likely to return to its normal shape than the TPE.
9. Oils
Dolls for some time after the completion of production, dolls and why we love them both silicone and TPE oils and fats are to some extent the same. The difference is that white oil is added to T.P.E, and silicone oil is added to silicon pregnant fantasies love doll . However, since our silicone material was imp girl sex dolls roved, it has not only become softer, but also significantly reduced oil.
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