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Lifesize Doll (1108)

Life-size love dolls are made of real women from 140cm to 170cm in proportion to 1:1. You can love doll home feel life-size realism. The face is smaller and has a japanese sex store better figure than a real woman. The skin is made of material that feels close to the real thing. In general, you can change the head, an love dolls for you d you can choose your favorite face. There are also many things that can be put on and off a masturbation that mimics the female genitals, making it easy to wash busty sex doll .

In Japan, real doll or It is called real doll, but abroad it is called sex doll, love doll, or real doll. These life-size love dolls are available from loli to mature women. You can customize your chest size, skin color beautiful anime dolls and pupil color. We sex sim can satisfy a variety of requests. Please choose what you like. It may be used not only for sex real doll big but also for Aigan, viewing, photography, etc. The reason why this love doll is in fashion is because many people are happy with sex with love dolls. Sex with a love doll feels good.

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There are daughters of various styles in doll real doll the sex shop. You need a lot of mo pornstar sex doll ney to experience it. There are thousands of life-size dolls from Dldolls, Lori, Mature, Married, Male and Older Love Doll We will provide you with a sex experience. You can customize not o non inflatable love doll nly the height and w family sexsimulator eight of the life-size love doll, full size dolls but also the type of face, young looking sex doll body softness and skin color. Like a sex girl, various seiza, girls sitting, moving up and down shoulders, moving up and down from the waist can be moved left and right. make your own love doll Compared to normal skeletons, the range of motion is very wide and you can enjoy a variety of poses. L female sex dolls egs open 180 degrees, M-shaped open legs, physical education Such as sitting, bending fingertips and making pieces, movements an free online family sex d joints that could not be done with normal skeletons allow for various poses like humans. Purchase for viewing and changing clothes o sex doll sexy r taking photos There are some p better than real doll eople who enjoy it.

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