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Rear sex toys blowjob Means:

Rear sex toys blowjob is the so-called sex tool, a life-size woman-like love doll. It is mainly used for male sexual intercourse, but sometimes it is used as an object of ornamen real dolls sex dolls tal or photography


It is believed that the origin of the term comes from the Dutch colony of Indonesia, where Dutch merc humanoid robots for sale cheap hants spend a long time away from their wives. The English sex toys blowjob (literally means “sex toys blowjob”) refers to a tubular body pillo real doll dolls w (Mrs. Bamboo) woven from bamboo or rattan, which is used in Asia.

Why do you call dutchwife dolls for sex in Japan? I'm not sure until now. Next, let's look at the types of sex toys blowjobs.

Luxury sex toys blowjob

Many rear Dutch Wifs are like life-size women. Its size varies from children to adults, and now there are even faces of anime characters. There is al sex doll demo so a half body type. It is used only as an aid in masturbation, omitting the head and limbs.

Today's luxury sex toys blowjob has three holes (anus, vagina and mouth). The love doll can enjoy four ways to enter. Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Titisli, Normal Sex. ◎ Hall made using 5D technology. We were able to simulate, design, and custom celebrity dolls manufacture the structure of a woman's vagina, mouth, and anal. The hole has plenty of elasticity.


Real human shape, like a vinyl balloon or vinyl float, is a simple sex doll that inflates and inflates with air, and is also a classic one.


It is a long-length pillow (pillow) realistic female love dolls or a human-sized plush toy that can be hugged or wrapped while sleeping. It is supplied as a variety of part gay male sex dolls s and coalesce when using There are also types aex dolls .


The whole body is formed from foam polyurethane. Even with a girl-like physique, it is very lightweight and relatively sturdy at about 4 kg. There are also luxury products with latex or other skin sex simulator 2 applied to the basic structure.

Made of soft vinyl

The body is shaped with soft vinyl, basically no diffe comprar real doll rent from a soft vinyl sex doll. Luxury items may be treated as real dolls. It is easy to handle and inexpensive, such as lightweight and can be dis love doll canada assembled, but color change from clothing can be seen.

made of tpe/silicone

A type with a core for weight reduction on the skeleton and covered with tpe or silicon lovedoll video e on the surface. Those with human and life-size shapes are often called 'love dolls.' Luxury silicone sex toys blowjob c diy silicone love doll omes with all new real makeup, and all blood vessels and redness are painted, and the skin pattern is co japanese male sex toy mpletely reproduced like a human. Makeup removal is not easy with normal washing. Gaze movable, knuckle movable, body skeleton movable range is wide. EVO New Skeleton: ① Seiza is poss real dolls sex toys ible ② Girls can sit down ③ You can mo realdolls videos ve up and down the shoulder ④ Movable left and right from the waist is very wide compared to the normal skeleton and you can enjoy va how much does a real doll cost rious poses, legs open 180 degrees, M shape Such as opening legs, physical education sitting, bending fingertips and making pieces, movements and joints that c ai dolls ould not be performed with normal skeletons are able to pose a variety of poses as well as humans.

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