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Silicone head+tpe body (254)

TPE is a popular material for love dolls in recent years. A distinctiv real doll toy e feature is that it has both rubber and plastic properties. Silicone is an old-fashioned material and is also used in today's real dolls. Both are harmless to t life size plastic dolls he human body and are flexib real doll sale le in addition to elasticity, so you can feel like a real woman when you touch it or hug it, making it a real love doll can be said to be an indispensa big bust sex ble material. Silicon and TPE can be th life size dolls ought of as materials that are fairly similar to each other, but the fact is that there are differences in detail. And the love doll of “silicone head+TPE body” was born as a Love doll that maximi ebony sex dolls zes the benefits of silicon and TPE. The popularity is now increasing due to its high degree of perfection. First of all, the advantage of making sex doll heads using silicone is that “ sex emulator full free silicone can make a more realistic face than TPE”. TP celebrity lookalikes sex E is soft and feels pretty good when real doll love doll you touch it, but because it is soft, it has a side that makes it difficult to form fine. Silicon, quality sex dolls on the other hand, is resilient but also firm, so even the smallest parts of the face can be created realistically. In addition, bec true companion doll ause the silicone head allows hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes to be flocked”, so you can enjoy the feeling of having sex with a more real woman realdoll shop without the wigs being misplaced during sex. .
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