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custom made love doll love doll order

Custom Made Love Doll Love Doll Order Item No: SD123888

Material options
TPE head alone
Silicone head alone (+¥ 180000)
Life-size TPE Doll (+¥840000)
Silicone Lifesize Doll (+¥1240000)
Silicone head+TPE body life-size doll (+¥ 1040000)
Customized requirements
custom made love doll love doll order
color:red, size:xxl
Subtotal: ¥0

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  • 【Order made flow】
  • 1. After ordering, please send us a photo or video of the face or body of the model you plan to customize to email. In addition, please pr rubber male doll ovide the body data.
  • 2. We will make a prototype with clay, send the finished image of the clay, and if the customer confirms and gives the correction opinion, we will fix it.
  • 3. After the final confirmation of the clay prototype, we will make the mold and manufacture the actual product.
  • 4. We will send you the finishing picture of your face makeup, we will arrange shipping if there is no problem.
  • 【Delivery/Delivery Time】① All products include tax and free shipping throughout Japan ② Sagawa Express Delivery ③ Time zone designated service possible ④ Del small love doll ivery time will be up and down, but normally it will be completed in about 3 months. (Depends on the content of your request and customization options)

【Genuine product guarantee】Brand handling

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    Introducing dldolls Love Doll Order Development Center:

    Development center personnel:

    Art director 1 first name,

    senior 3D 2 data modelers,

    2 senior sculptors,

    2 stylists,

    2 photo shoots,

    Post production designer 2 first name,

    Mold director 1 first name,

    MOLD OPENER 3 First name

    skeleton department,

    mold department,

    Spice department,

    filling department,

    trimming department,

    makeup department,

    Quality control department,

    packing department,

    50 such as workshop directors I am enrolled in the staff of people.

    About the price of custom made love dolls

    Below are some images in the center

    ① Development studio:

    ② Carving:

    ③ 3D

    ④ 3D DATA Efforts:

    3D printing:

    ⑥ Strict skeleton:

    ⑦ Skeleton combination:

    ⑧ FIXED:

    ⑨ MAKEUP:

    ⑩ Flocked:



    All of our dldolls love dolls are made by hand in primary molds and produced from final molds tha most advanced sex robot t have been modified over and over again. It's been. It is very time-consuming, so the love doll that we have made with great feelings is the passion and affection of all of our staff. ※If you have any questions, dldolls@outlook.jp Please feel free to contact us.