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Fire Doll (79)

166cm E-CUP 39.5kg 167cm Papaya Chest 42kg 168cm A- cup 28.5kg

Fire Doll is a TPE Love Doll manufacturer in China, established in 2015. I make sex dolls with foreign faces mai life size toy doll nly aimed at Western people. Fire Doll is a sex toys blowjob manufacturer that has been providing real life to our customers life-size adult dolls through real dolls for many years. Fire D sale sexe oll is the first destination for anyone who wants to get away used real doll from fancy and get life-size dolls at an affordable price. For those who silicone dolls full body are looking for affordable real dolls that will bring joy to life, there is no doubt to cho dolls mini ose Fire Doll.

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Product by Fire Doll, a well-known manufacturer in the world TPE Love Doll industry. High quality compared to oth sxy doll er companies, we offer real doll shopping low price and android real doll advanced technology, high quality, durable TPE skin, compared with many TPE love doll brands, it is not easy to tear. We have a ri secx doll ch selection of high quality luxury sex dolls specially designed to help you live each of your fantasies. In additio female rubber torso n to the very realistic appearance of Fi sax doll re Doll products, soft and elastic, close to real people feel and texture are also the selling point. Unique real coloring pro sexy real sex dolls cess makes it feel smooth like sex spiele pc women's skin It is comfortable and realistically expresses the beauty of the female body. How about i how to make silicone doll t? For those who want to have sex with beauty, absolutely love dolls are recommended. Next she is determined by a beauties doll, more than a subtle girl.

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