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WAX Doll (99)

WAXDOLL is a famous love doll manufacturer. 10 sex simulator chrome years of experience in making love dolls, and since the beginning of entering the love doll, lori oriented The highly elabor order a real doll ate little head and beautiful gir male silicone sex doll l head have a reputation. There are silicon+tpe and full silicone mater sax doll ial, especially the silicone head is the most popul realdolls.com ar. The inspiration of WAX Doll's brand philosophy originates from the conce free sex emulator online pt of “sin of color greed”, and the design philosophy is b having sex with doll ased on “fine polishing of the waxsmiths”. Promotes exploring and understanding sexual love by the soul and sex of the angel given to the sex doll . The makeup of the head is very clever and live robot companion ly, hair flocking, eyebrow and eyelash flocking is a super high-class work technique, and body makeup also adopts the latest c doll love doll oloring methods. Not male doll for women only can you achieve realistic modeling, but also make love dolls that are soft, elastic and durable for human skin. In short, WAXDOLL is a manufacturer real man doll for women that is focused on the development of elaborate and expressive, lolori oriented silicon dolls.

※ When ordering a full silicone product of WAXDOLL brand, two h wish love doll eads are included in the packaging. For the second head, if the selected head is a soft silicone head, a hard silicone head of the same head will be included free of charge. If you c tpe mini doll hoose a hard silicone head, you will receive a soft silicone he sexy doll buy ad with the same head for free. (The connecting of head and body is easy to link in bolt-shaped)

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