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Love Doll Folklore (435)

Once upon a time it was said that if japanese inflatable dolls a boy sees a beautiful woman every day, then the life expectancy will grow to 5-10 years. There is no scientific basis for this story, but do not japanese sex bot all boys like beautiful girls?
Don't you just experience the joy that various beautiful sex silicone love dolls ladies bring when you enter the sex shop? real life sex Have you ever imagined that there are all sorts of beautiful girls around you and you can have sex tpe real doll with girls of different styles? 's love doll will make this wish come true. Humans age, but sex dolls do realistic silicone sex dolls not. Love dolls are forever young and unresistible. Love doll rental? You can of course do that. There is only one Delihel in Japan that will send you super luxury love dolls. It is popular for shooting, but fo play free online sex r sexual treatment, it is better to stop for safety and hygiene. If you want to experience endless love doll customs, try this category of beauty sex dolls. These life-size dolls are surprisingly skillfully crafted in texture, and are popular not only for sex treatment but also for shooting.

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Love doll rental

We are looking for a partnership with e robotic female dolls ach sex shop, love hotel, and showroom. We are also considering a love doll rental business. The conditions for cooperation of the equipment are as follows.

a) You can rent 5 sample love dolls from us.
b) Cooperatives are responsible for the main doll lifesize tenance and cleaning of real dolls.
c) Indicate that you are a love doll of our company on the website of the collabo female sex mannequin rator.
d) We offer rental for 1 night, 2 nights, 3 nig real doll for sex hts, etc. Regarding rental prices, we would like to make better pricing arrangements with girl sex dolls us and collaborators.
e) The freight cost of the goods sent to the customer shall be top love dolls borne by the Company, and in the case of return, the customer shall be respons silicone lovers review ible.
f) The profit obtained shall be divided equall what is tit sex y.
g) Customers with a proven rental experience will then receive a discount doll tpe of 10,000 yen when purchasing our Love Doll products.
If you are interested, please visit our job recruitment page.

【Genuine product guarantee】Brand handling

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