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Piper Doll (70)

Seamless Love Doll Piperdoll

PIPER Doll is a brand newly launched by xxx dolls MizuWali, a famous and legendary designer and photographer in the world of sex dolls. Dollhouse168 is the new brand of love doll manufacturer, and is the first ever seamless love doll to be integrated head and body. There is no seamless body connec sexing tits tion, so it looks more human-like. If it is a common love doll, there is a bolt on the neck and it can b silicone girl doll e attached and detached by rotating it, but when it becomes an angle from the bottom, the border at t companion dolls he base of the neck will be noticeable, making it a great di sex rubber dolls scomfort I feel it and it's a gachi. However, in the case of a seamless body, such a neck can't be put on and off, manga love doll instead, it's more natural visuals and more authentic. You can shoot from various angles without hesitation even when taking photos. Platinum TPE is used as a material that is flexible, du real doll love doll rable and has low odor. PREMIUM TPE is very soft to the touc sexy real love h and looks like preprep. In addition, using a new skeleton called the EVO skeleton, the range of motion is very wide compared to the normal skelet gay love dolls on, and it seems that you can enjoy various poses.

Features of Piper Doll

The most perfect love doll with a seamless head and body. This is the concept of Piperdoll. Claim the original design o female sex robots n the appearance of t men with real dolls he doll. In quality, we use platinum new real doll TPE, which is the best material. We also design and manufacture unique met rubber sex toys al skeletons that resemble human movements. About Piper Doll accessories, we provide customized wigs and outfits. We focus on details, so we believe Piperdoll will bring you the best experience.

VISUAL: The head-to- love dolls for sell body love doll contains stunning details.

Tactile: Seamless love doll is very soft, elastic and feels like a real human.

Smell: There is no terrible smell.

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In PiperDoll, there are two types of dolls (different heights) that are deployed in TPE an realdoll competitors d silicon, so it is easy to compare, and it is a distinctive feature of PiperDoll's silicon. Anyway what I was really surprised to buy PiperDoll sil female torso latex icone dolls is the absence of its smell, next common silicone dolls were introduced to be slightly stiff However, PiperDoll's silicone is processed so that the parts real size dolls that should be soft become firm and soft, of course, other parts of japanese style sex the chest are not softer than TPE, but still It was finished in a doll that was soft enough for soft skin.

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